The Harlan Tambourine (Brass)

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The Original Harlan, made new again.  The ultimate in quality crafted Tambourines

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Strong, light hardwood frame, white goat or calfskin head, with generously sized brass jingles for the greater control of tone and volume. The jingles are slightly larger than other jingles out there. Gives incredible volume but maintains its sensitivity. Unlike our German Silver and Phosphor Bronze, we don’t temper our Brass jingles. We do however, crimp the Brass jingles. This give the tambourines a bright, flat sound. The crimping flattens out the sound; in other words it takes the sympathetic harmonics out. Still bright but not as ringy as other Brass jingles you may have heard. Comes with a Harlan Percussion carrying case.
10″ Single
12″ Single
10″ Double
8” Double

Hear the Harlan 10″ Double row crimped Brass

1 review for The Harlan Tambourine (Brass)

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    I found the grip to be too wide and too thick for my hands, and by the time I had finished aggressively playing two worship songs was left with a large developing blood blister in the hand. Aside from that, I found the tambourine to be solid and responsive, and the brass jingles to have beautiful tone.

    • admin

      We’re sorry you find the shell to wide. We have developed a cutout at the handhold. Send it back and we’ll replace the shell. We never want an unhappy customer. Send to
      Harlan Percussion
      3131 N. University St.
      Peoria, IL. 61604

      Kevin Harlan
      Chief Percussion Officer

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