Headless Harlan

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We use three different types of jingles to cut through any orchestra with great sound.
We countersink the pins and apply several layers of glue to keep the pins intact. We also carve a hand hold on both sides and apply a stay dry hand hold to keep those sweaty hands gripped to the instrument.
2 different types of Headless Tambourines.
Headless Style Untempered German Silver Spanish, Tempered Phosphor Bronze, and Tempered German Silver Jingles
10” Double
8” Triple

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2 reviews for Headless Harlan

  1. Rob Farrer

    I was at Angel Studios yesterday recording the music for a new Sky Atlantic series. Not only did the tambourines sound superb but as you can see, I found the best use for a xylophone yet!
    The composer and orchestrator were absolutely knocked out with the tambourines and the composer actually wants to buy a pair of the headless ones for himself. You might just see on the score that it was supposed to be for a headed tambourine but once I played him the 8” Spanish headless he changed his mind completely and went for the whole pass on that one.
    Thank you so much for making these and I look forward to playing them and impressing composers/orchestrators again with them soon!

    Rob Farrer
    Headless Harlan 1
    Headless Harlan 2

  2. Ben Irons

    I recently had the chance to borrow the 8” Triple combo from a colleague for a festival performance. We loved the sound so much we used the same instrument for the full run! Four programs in 6 days and nothing came close to sounding as good. I immediately purchased one for my own inventory!

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