The Harlan Tambourine (Hybrid)

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The Original Harlan, made new again.  The ultimate in quality crafted Tambourines.

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New model!

This could be the best all purpose Harlan Tambourine ever!  10″ Double Row, German Silver. All jingles are tempered and crimped. The top row features the original smaller jingles. The bottom row has the new, larger jingles. This instrument is the best of the old and new. Strong, light hardwood frame and goat skin head.  Comes with custom Harlan Percussion carrying bag.
10″ Double – 16 pairs of jingles (8 small pairs, 8 large pairs)

3 reviews for The Harlan Tambourine (Hybrid)

  1. Drew


    I LOVE IT!!!!! I just got it yesterday, but didn’t have time to get it out. I had a rehearsal this evening that I took it and the other two German Silver tambos for some comparisons. The mixture is a good all-around, but the bigger GS w/the translucent head is better for the more “meatier” parts. The other guys in the section had the same reaction.
    I LOVE both the “new” bigger jingled tambo, but especially the “mixture’ tambo.

  2. Kevin Barrett

    I tried the new tambo out in its first performance this week. I must say, the “Hybrid” is a great tambourine! It has a full sound with a lot of tonal color. Very responsive. It remains crisp and articulate from forte to pianissimo. Each note, even at the softest volume, is clearly defined. Impressive!

  3. Alexey

    Amazing tambourine!
    Light weight, clear and articulated sound at any dynamic levels and a versatile tone – that’s what the Hybrid is to me.

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