The Harlan Tambourine (Untempered German Silver)


The original Harlan design, but with Untempered German Silver for a brighter sound. (standard tempered German silver shown)

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This is the most “Ludwigesque” tambourine we’ve ever produced. We leave the German Silver untempered and give them a little crimp to reduce the harmonics. The jingles are silver in color and the sound is brighter than the black, tempered German Silver of the standard Harlan. Strong hardwood frame, white goat or translucent calfskin head, with generously sized untempered German Silver jingles for the greater control of tone and volume. Comes with Harlan Percussion carrying bag.
10″ Single
12″ Single
10″ Double
8″ Double

Hear the Harlan 10″ Double row crimped, untempered German Silver


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