The Harlan Tambourine

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The Original Harlan, made new again.  The ultimate in quality crafted Tambourines. This could be the best all-purpose Harlan Tambourine ever! Choose your size, layout and head material. This instrument is the best of the old and new.

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8 reviews for The Harlan Tambourine

  1. Dr. David Collier

    I purchased my first tambourine — a Harlan with phosphor bronze jingles — while studying with Gary Werdesheim at Florida State University in 1976. It is still my favorite tambourine that I turn to for all occasions!! In addition to being Professor of Percussion at Illinois State, I am timpanist with the Illinois Symphony.
    It is exciting that you are once again producing these fabulous instruments and accessories! I can’t wait to see (and hear!!) the new editions!!

    Dr. David Collier

  2. Tom Stubbs

    Got the new tambo.
    Tried it out in the orchestra.
    LOVE it. The best yet. A winner. The world’s fastest tambo. Hardly any time delay. Amazing.
    A giant step forward in the field of percussion.

  3. Craig McNutt

    Just wanted to let you know I used your tambourine for a Boston Modern Orchestra Project performance last week. It was Gunther Schuller’s “The Fisherman and His Wife,” and the tambourine worked great. It blended nicely, rolled easily, and did not go “over the top” of the other percussion or the rest of the orchestra. It really has a nice rich sound. Very enjoyable to play. Looking forward to using it again.
    Craig McNutt

  4. Drew

    I LOVE IT!!!!! I just got it yesterday, but didn’t have time to get it out. I had a rehearsal this evening that I took it and the other two German Silver tambos for some comparisons. The mixture is a good all-around, but the bigger GS w/the translucent head is better for the more “meatier” parts. The other guys in the section had the same reaction.
    I LOVE both the “new” bigger jingled tambo, but especially the “mixture’ tambo.

  5. Virtual Private Servers

    I found the grip to be too wide and too thick for my hands, and by the time I had finished aggressively playing two worship songs was left with a large developing blood blister in the hand. Aside from that, I found the tambourine to be solid and responsive, and the brass jingles to have beautiful tone.

    • admin

      We’re sorry you find the shell to wide. We have developed a cutout at the handhold. Send it back and we’ll replace the shell. We never want an unhappy customer. Send to
      Harlan Percussion
      3131 N. University St.
      Peoria, IL. 61604

      Kevin Harlan
      Chief Percussion Officer

  6. Kevin Barrett

    I tried the new tambo out in its first performance this week. I must say, the “Hybrid” is a great tambourine! It has a full sound with a lot of tonal color. Very responsive. It remains crisp and articulate from forte to pianissimo. Each note, even at the softest volume, is clearly defined. Impressive!

  7. Alexey

    Amazing tambourine!
    Light weight, clear and articulated sound at any dynamic levels and a versatile tone – that’s what the Hybrid is to me.

  8. Richard – Spires Brass Band

    I want to thank you again for the great tambourine you built for me. I love it! It’s very responsive, articulate, and shake and thumb rolls are a breeze. It can get loud (!) or soft when required.
    I enjoy the way it cuts through the brass playing of our formidable ensemble.

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