Merry Christmas

Christmas just got merrier. Just got a note from Joel Cohen in Chicago! “Playing the nutcracker in the auditorium theater. Using my new Harlan 12″ single row…for the Arabian dance. Getting a lot of positive comments from orchestra members. It feels...

Talking old times and tambourines

Spent a great day with John Kasica and Tom Stubbs of the St. Louis Symphony playing with some regular Harlan’s, some prototypes and some Frankenstein models. So much fun talking old times and tambourines!

A Tambo for every occasion

We think we’ve found the ultimate Harlan Tambourine user, Steven Kimple! We’ve lost count on how many original and new Harlan’s Steven owns but it’s a bunch!!!!

International Orchestral Music Festival

By John Kasica The Tambourine’s ability to play sensitively and then have a voice and presence in loud passages effortlessly is a welcome and needed addition to a percussionist arsenal of colors. Well done Kevin Harlan! The music festival I’ve played at in...

Impromptu Dance Party

By Rich O’ Donnell Last night, I had my first “tambo” gig… Michael Castro, Missouri’s first Poet Laureate had his 70th birthday party at the Regional Arts building in St. Louis. It was big and full of people-all cultures represented. My...