Harlan Spanish Tambourine (aka Gypsy)


The Original Harlan, made new again.  The ultimate in quality crafted Tambourines

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We’re Back to the Future again. The Harlan Spanish Tambourine. The jingles are called Spanish, Gypsy or Bottle Cap. We use German Silver like our normal Tambos but 20% thinner to give a thinner sound like those Gypsy Tambourines from the 1930’s and 40’s. With the thinner material partnered with our normal light shell, this is a really light Tambourine.  Choose tempered or untempered German Silver as the base, then we add the unique bottle cap crimping.  Also available in a 50/50 combination on the 10″ Double Row.  Comes with a custom Harlan Percussion carrying case.
10″ Single – 9 pairs of jingles
12″ Single – 11 pair of jingles
10″ Double – 18 pairs of jingles


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